Students Rights and Responsibilities Minnesota State Board of Trustees Policy 3.1

第1部分. Freedom to Learn In addition to being the basic constitutional rights enjoyed by all citizens, 高校学生享有与学术自由和学生身份有关的具体权利. Freedom to teach and freedom to learn are inseparable facets of academic freedom. The freedom to learn depends upon appropriate opportunities and conditions in the classroom, 在校园里, 在更大的社区里. Students are expected to exercise their freedom with responsibility.

第2部分. 学生个人和学生组织应有自由审查和讨论他们感兴趣的所有问题,并在公开和私下表达意见. 他们可以有秩序地支持事业,但不得扰乱该机构的正常和基本运作. 在教室里, 学生有权对任何课程中提供的数据或观点提出合理的异议,并对意见问题保留判断, but they are responsible for learning the content of any course of study for which they are enrolled.

第3部分. 结社自由学生有自由组织和参加组织以促进他们的共同和合法利益, 服从机构政策或规定的. 对违反机构规定的组织,可以不予注册或撤销其认可.

第4部分. 学生支持论坛. Students shall have the right to assemble, to select speakers, and to discuss issues of their choice. The college or 大学 shall establish reasonable time, 的地方, 以及对集会方式的限制,以确保集会不会严重扰乱学校的工作,或不妨碍其他学生获得教育的机会,或以其他方式侵犯他人的权利. Such regulations shall not be used as a means of censorship. The president or designee may prohibit any forum when holding the event, 在他或她的判断中, would result in physical harm or threat of physical harm to persons or property. 在任何此类禁令之前, 总统应尽其最大努力与学生会指定成员协商.

第5部分. 学生出版物学生资助的出版物不受审查和事先批准的副本, 它们的编辑和经理可以自由地制定自己的编辑和新闻报道政策. 学生刊物的编辑和管理人员应受到保护,不因学生而被任意停职和免职, 教师, 行政, or public disapproval of editorial policy or content. 学生费用分配过程不得用作对学生资助出版物的编辑控制手段. 所有学生刊物应在社论页明确声明,所表达的观点不一定代表学院, 大学, 系统, 或学生团体.

第6部分. Catalog and Course Information To the extent possible, students will be provided relevant and accurate information regarding courses prior to enrollment. Catalog descriptions will be accurate and based on information existing at the time of publication. To the extent possible, class schedules will list the names of the 教师 teaching courses.

第7部分. 学生应获得关于建立和保持可接受的学术地位的一般要求的准确信息, information that will enable students to determine their individual academic standing, 以及有关毕业要求的信息.

第8部分. 学术评价学生的学业成绩应仅以学术标准为依据, including any requirements that are noted in the catalog, 课程教学大纲, 或学生手册. 学生应受到保护,免受偏见或反复无常的评价,不得根据与学术标准无关的意见或行为对学生进行评价. 学生有权复核已批改的考试或其他教员用来评估学生的作业?S学业成绩.

第9部分. 产权定期文件, 论文, 项目, 艺术作品, and similar property shall be returned to a student upon request, 在合理的时间范围内, 当不再需要评估时, unless the student grants written permission for them to be retained.

第10部分. 违反地方法规或州法律的学生将受到民事部门规定的法律处罚. A college or 大学 need not concern itself with every violation. 不过, a college or 大学 may take disciplinary action against students for off-campus behavior, following the 程序 of the code of conduct of that college or 大学.

Other 大都会州立大学 Student Rights:

1. 安全

2. 申诉的权利

3. The right to file appeals (registration, academic, or other departmental or college-level appeals)

Other 大都会州立大学 Responsibilities:

1. 免疫接种记录

2. 学生行为准则

网投十大信誉可靠平台已尽一切努力确保在发布之日学生权利和责任中所包含的材料的准确性. 然而, 所有政策, 程序, 学术计划, 程序信息, and fees are subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the 教师, 大学行政部门, 明尼苏达州学院和大学董事会或明尼苏达州立法机构,无需事先通知. The pro愿景s on this p年龄 do not constitute a contract between the student and the University.

The information on this p年龄 is for use as an academic resource and is subject to change at any time.

大都会州立大学致力于在就业和教育机会方面的非歧视政策. No person shall be discriminated against in the terms and conditions of employment, 人员实践, 或获得和参与项目, 服务, 以及与种族有关的活动, 性, color, 信条, 宗教, 年龄, 国家的起源, 残疾, 婚姻状况, 关于公共援助的状况, 性取向, or membership or activity in a local commission as defined by law.